There are several dates given for the novel The Thran. The Battle of Megheddon Defile was said to be 6000 years ago by Tsabo Tavoc in Invasion, but 9000 years ago by Yawgmoth in Apocalypse. In Time Streams, Barrin says the Thran went extince 6000 years ago. As Yawgmoth was there, unlike Tsabo or Barrin (and the -5000 AR date seems to have been accepted by the storyline community), that is the date I went with.

The following dates are all taken from the novel The Thran itself.

Thran Timeline Edit

~ Megheddon Defile -100

  • Halcyon solidifies its position as capital of the Thran Empire. A power struggle begins between the elite imperialists and republican rabble, with the artificers on the side of the elite and the eugenicists on that of the republicans.




  • The Halcyon elite stamps out the last bits of republican resistance. All the eugenicists are exiled.



  • Yawgmoth is recalled from exile by Rebbec to cure Glacian. He discovers that phthisis is caused by powerstone radiation that the Untouchables have caught it en masse because their caves lie under the Mana Rig that makes the stones, and that the Halcytes themselves are also starting to get infected.


  • Gix leads the first Untouchables' uprising to take vengeance on the people who afflicted them with phthisis. Yawgmoth discovers a serum that slows the disease down and uses it to quell the rebellion.


  • Gix leads the second rebellion of Untouchables. But by now Yawgmoth holds power over the entire defense of Halcyon and stops the rebellion once more, this time forcing Gix into his personal service.
  • A planeswalker named Dyfed appears before Yawgmoth and shows him the plane of Pyrulea.
  • Months later, after the city is rebuilt, the Thran Alliance sends delegates to Halcyon. Dwarves, elves, minotaurs, viashino, cat people, and barbarians reveal that their countries have all been ravaged by Yawgmoth and his eugenicist followers during their exile. The Alliance tells Halcyon to rid Yawgmoth of his privileges, or they will declare war. The council decides Yawgmoth can stay, but with 15 against 13 votes, with the two deciding votes being those of Rebbec and Yawgmoth himself. Yawgmoth overthrows the council and starts to prepare for war.
  • Yawgmoth is shown Phyrexia by Dyfed, who opens a stable portal between that plane and Dominaria.
  • Dyfed takes the imprisoned Thran council along with a host of Glacian's goblins to the plane of Mercadia.


  • Battle of Megheddon Defile
  • Yawgmoth defeats the Thran Alliance, but Rebbec closes the portal from Dominaria to Phyrexia. Yawgmoth and his followers are trapped on the other side.
  • The Null Moon is brought into orbit.