• Placing all these events after the Primeval Dragon's rule is speculative. I find it helps keep the timeline more readable if all these formative events with unkown dates are together, and all the Dragon-related events as well. But they could well overlap.
  • The Djinn war (Jihad) comes from Jeff Lee's site. The Arabian Nights parts of that site are a bit suspect, as Jeff Lee has said that took information about Arabian mythology and the original 1001 Arabian Nights novel to be canon, as the original Arabian Nights set was based on those sources. Assuming those stories are now magic canon and have happened on Rabiah seems a stretch, but as it is by now impossible to sepparate the genuine behind-the-scenes info Jeff Lee had from his own interpretations, I'm leaving this in.
  • The placing of the formative events on Rabiah, Lorwyn and Alara is speculative.
  • The signing of the Guildpact happened 10.000 Ravnican years before the first Ravnica cycle. (Ravnican years are shorter than Dominarian years, but this would still place the signing of the Guildpact prior to The Thran)
  • Serra was mentioned as having ascended and founded her Realm prior to the Thran in the Planeswalker novel.
  • Yawgmoth and Dyfed find the creator of Phyrexia dead in the 9th Sphere in the novel The Thran.