Nicol Bolas

  • Bolas' age is given as 25.000 in both Future Sight and Agents of Artifice.
  • Duels of the Planeswalkers calls him 20.000 years old, but I give the books priority over other sources.
  • In Alara Unbroken Bolas makes vague mention of 20.000 years, but doesn't directly state it's his age. (Note that under the current Timeline, Bolas ascended +/- 20.000 years before Alara Unbroken)
  • Also note that the 25.000 years ago date is preferable over the 20.000 date, since the latter would put Bolas' birth at the same time as the Primeval dragon's rule.

Elder Dragon War

  • The Elder Dragon War comes entirely from the Jeff Lee site. No idea when it happens. I've placed it before Bolas' battle with the demonic leviathan, though this is speculative. It could be that Bolas first ascended and fought the leviathan, and only then got involved in the ending of the Elder Dragon War.

Demonic Leviathan

  • Leshrac gives the date of the first planeswalker battle on Dominaria as 20.000 years ago in Future Sight.

Primeval Dragons

  • The stuff about the Primevals and the Numena is backstory from Planeshift and Legions.
  • In Emperor's Fist, Nicol Bolas says " I watched my brothers rule for a thousand years until little worms like you [mortals/humans] overcame them. But I am not my brothers. I am older than they are, greater." As the Elder Dragons were not conquered by mortals, but the Primevals were, I'm asuming these "brothers" were the Primevals. The quote about Bolas being older than them, I'm taking to mean the Elder Dragon Wars were prior to the Primeval rule (As all other dragons were supposedly sires by the . Also, from this quote I take the Primeval rule being 1000 years.
  • Planechase says Rith was imprisoned for 10.000 years. Legions says the battle between the Numena happened 20.000 years ago. One of these dates must be incorrect. As the 10.000 year date would bring this problematically close to The Thran, I'm assuming the other date is correct.
  • In Legions it's stated that Averuu's mother was dead a thousand years around the time he came up with the spell of ressurection. As we have no evidence that Averuu's mother was in any way extraordinarally long lived, we can take from this that Numena rule lasted about a thousand years (give or take a century).

Sivitri Scarzam

  • The MTGSalvation Wiki Timeline has Sivitri Scarzam's first attack on Corondor directly after the Elder Dragon War (Thanks to a careless revision it now has it directly after Bolas' battle with the Leviathan). This is taken from Jeff Lee's site. However, this is contradicted by the story about Sivitri and Sol'kanar in the Dakkon Blackblade comic. Presumably confusion arose because that story was called "The Dragon War". For more details on the placement of Sivitri Scarzam's assault, see the article The Golden Age.