• The Djinn war (Jihad) comes from Jeff Lee's site. The Arabian Nights parts of that site are a bit suspect, as Jeff Lee has said that took information about Arabian mythology and the original 1001 Arabian Nights novel to be canon, as the original Arabian Nights set was based on those sources. Assuming those stories are now magic canon and have happened on Rabiah seems a stretch, but as it is by now impossible to sepparate the genuine behind-the-scenes info Jeff Lee had from his own interpretations, I'm leaving this in.
  • Some time between the Jihad and the Refraction the adventures of Sindbad, Ali from Cairo, Ali Babba, Alladin, etc. take place, if these are still in continuity.
  • The Thousand-fold Refrection is actually mentioned in the comics and other sources outside of Jeff Lee's Site.


  • The Story of the Battlemage Ravidel places the events of the Arabian Nights comic after the Brother's War. However, the order given in the letters page of Wayfarer #3 and Urza-Mishra War #2 states Arabian Nights is supposed to take place long before then. Normally I would say that TSofBR is an in-story source, and thus has precendence over a letters page. But Wayfarer #3 gives that order as the solution to a "put the stories in chronological order" contest. And it is backed up by the later published Urza-Mishra War #2. AND it is written by the people behind the comics, while it's unsure who wrote TSofBR. As such, in this case I will give precedence to the letters page.
  • Jeff Lee's site suggests the Refraction happened during Taysir's lifetime. This is in the middle of many inaccuracies though (The text assumes the Thran had an inter-planar empire, and that Taysir was a planeswalker even before the Refraction). Still, as there is nothing to disprove the Refraction happened during Taysir's life time, and it help keep everything neatly together, I've assumed this is still true for this timeline.